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Community Advisory Board (COCAB)

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CareOregon Community Advisory Board

Our purpose

Members share their thoughts, ideas and hopes for health care coverage through the CareOregon Community Advisory Board (COCAB). We conduct focus groups, review community needs and advise CareOregon on member programs, fulfilling our goals by following our mission and vision statements.


Our mission

COCAB mang các hội viên CareOregon và thành viên trong cộng đồng đến gần nhau hơn. Together, they advocate for increased awareness of health issues and for all CareOregon members to have access to care.


Our vision

  • A CareOregon where members’ voices are represented at all levels of the organization.
  • Members who are proactive in their health care and at the center of their health care team.
  • Members seeking systemic change in health and wellness programs, as well as public policy.
  • Services that are widely available and accessible, inclusive, equitable and just.
  • Removal of barriers including language and transportation, and honoring cultural practices.
  • Increasing health knowledge and wellness through technology.

Join the Community Advisory Board

Does being an advocate for your health care interest you?

Do you want to be a part of a decision-making group that helps shape the policies around your health care?

If you are a CareOregon member or community partner, we'd love to have your voice.

See our flier to learn more about how you can join the CareOregon Community Advisory Board (COCAB).
Select the language of your choice:

To apply for the COCAB, fill out the CareOregon Community Advisory Board (COCAB) Application


Meeting agendas and minutes

COCAB meetings normally occur on the third Thursday of each month.
To view a COCAB meeting agenda or previous meeting's minutes, click the arrow and select the date you're looking for.

Stories from our COCAB members

The stories of people on the COCAB - including CareOregon members and other community partners - are personal, inspirational and hopeful. These stories reflect the experience of real members, and maybe they resonate with you. The health care system can be tricky, but advocating for what you need helps you get the care you need. Our COCAB members are advocates for their care, and their stories show how being active in your care results in better health outcomes.

We invite you to read the stories and get engaged in your own care - asking the questions you need to ask and finding the answers you deserve. We also hope you'll think about joining the COCAB. We always need new voices and people with diverse experiences. The more you connect with your health plan, the better all of us, together, make it.